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EISWEB™ (pronounced "ICE-WEB") is a powerful enterprise-wide reporting system (often called an Executive Information System). EISWEB is easily implemented, and your users can access, print, download, and drill into information, without the need for initial user training.

Browser-based, the EISWEB client is the Internet Explorer program, already installed on every Windows-based PC in your organization - no client-side maintenance is required. EISWEB uses an extended SQL method to retrieve information from any ODBC-capable database. Everything needed to control views (data, column headings, summaries, text justification, charts, drill-downs, etc) is encapsulated in easy-to-understand views.

To set up an EISWEB server, you need a Windows-based PC/server and a free copy of Xitami (webserver software similar to Apache). Add an ODBC connection for your database, and you are ready to begin creating views for your users.

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