The Talking Keyboard v1.5

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The Talking Keyboard™ - fun for all ages. Press any key, and a friendly female voice pronounces its name. The letter, number, symbol or word (HOME, END, INS, DEL, etc.) appears in the center of the screen, slowly grows to eye-catching size, and is added to the screen as in a word processor.

The Talking Keyboard can also pronounce keys even when you are using other programs! Great for catching mistakes during data-entry and typing chores, or as an aid for the vision-impaired.

Another feature is the ability to customize. Just change to Record Mode, hold down a key, and say its name. When you release the key, the recording stops and the program automatically replays it. When you switch back to Normal mode, the key will play your new recording instead of the original. You can re-record each key as often as you desire.

This new feature makes it easy for parents to tailor the sounds to match their regional accent, or even change the entire program to their language.

Also, anyone who wants to improve their speaking voice can use it to get immediate feedback (hearing what your voice sounds like to others), and to store the results of their progress.

Parents can let their pre-schoolers begin using the program in normal playback mode, possibly after re-recording the keys in their own voice. The program is designed to lock out access to all other programs while it is running, so you can let your little one play without worrying about what they might get into.

Later, when they grow bored with it, show them how to re-record the keys! They can re-record the names of the keys in their own voice, or perhaps words that begin with the letter on the key, or sing their favorite song, or whatever they want! My daughter thinks it great to laugh at it, then listen to herself laugh when it plays it back.

Choose from selectable fonts and text colors. Display both upper- and lower-case letters. Select any recording mode your system supports. A sound card is required for sound playback. A microphone is required for re-recording.

Download The Talking Keyboard now! (TKEYINST.EXE-899K)
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